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Our Ministries

CSWSC aims to engage, support, and encourage social work students who are committed to integrating the teaching of the
Catholic Church in its entirety into social work practice. Our organization promotes respectful and fruitful dialogue as we
encounter people of good will, Catholic or otherwise, along the way. We remain true to the teaching of the Catholic Church, including on issues such as abortion where Church teaching would typically be opposed by those in the field of social work.

Prayer Group


At CSWSC, we believe in connection to provide support. Connection is created through hosting a variety of events such as drop-in's, open house, virtual forums, and panel discussions to name a few. Utilizing tools for online connection allows members to expand their network and faith while living their calling. 


Members of CSWSC have the opportunity to learn from others experiences as well as sharing their own. Learning also comes from participation in CSWSC's partnership with other organizations who share resources, information, tools, etc.. This creates a strong network and community of faith filled youth seeking to serve. 

Music Sheets and a Cross
Bible Lesson


CSWSC provides the opportunity for fellowship by creating a welcoming space for students, professors, and others in the field of social work. We offer informal mentorship by connecting students to those members practicing in similar fields and with similar interests, as we cover a variety of topics. Mentorship is achieved, for example, by attending and/or co-facilitating discussions which provide rich learning opportunities.

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